Instagram has soon evolved from a photo-sharing app to an important marketing platform for most of the brands. No matter where are you in your business career right now, using this platform for your growth is always a good idea.

When Instagram first started in 2010, it was just another social media platform where you can share pictures.  And at this time, it has become an important social media marketing platform crawling with brands, marketers, and influencers.

Instagram marketing is absolutely becoming the mode of advertising for business owners.  In addition, many digital marketing gurus across the world think that 2020 is going to be the decade of Instagram and metro cities like Kolkata are going to witness a stark rise in the number of brands opting for this promotional tool.

Owing to the present scenario, it is not a surprise that business owners are going to search for the best social media marketing Agency In Kolkata.

So, without any further delay, let us have a sneak peek at the work culture of Digital Googly, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.  Here’s everything you need to know about how we use Instagram for business.

  What Is Instagram Marketing Anyway? 

Let’s start with the basics. How do we make the most of Instagram for our clients?  To begin with, why do we use this platform? First of all, Instagram offers a vast range of ways for business owners. All we need is a good strategy and some dedication.

When it’s about multiple ways to use it for marketing, we suggest split it into two main categories.

  1. Paid tactics like influencer marketing and advertising.
  2. Unpaid tactics like organic content like posts, comments, Instagram stories, and comments.

To get a bit more clarity, let’s look at a few common instances of it.

 Organic Instagram Content:

First of all, organic content refers to any unpaid content that you post. For instance, videos, photos, and stories fall under this category.  We always try to keep the organic posts at the heart of our marketing strategy.  We post to keep your audience interested so that it gets much easier to make more sales.

Setting Up An Instagram Business Profile:

We use proper business profiles for our clients so that we can dive into Instagram marketing. A regular personal profile won’t do. Opening up a business profile helps us to reap the benefits of business features like Instagram insights and ads. In addition, having a business profile makes it more credible in the eyes of the target audience.

Instagram Ads:

If we have to get some cold sales done, we use Instagram Ads as a more direct approach. There are multiple types of Instagram ads we can run. For instance, video ads, image ads, story ads, and carousel ads are some of the most popular modes to use.

Ads show up in the audience’s feeds the same way the organic posts do. We make sure our Instagram ads include a call-to-action button which encourages the audience to take specific actions such as:

  • Book Now
  • Shop Now
  • Watch More
  • Learn More
  • Contact Us
  • Send Message
  • Listen Now

Hence, it is much clear now that Instagram is a social platform. It means there are multiple scopes to engage with the other people, in this case, with the target audience.

To conclude, apart from increasing engagements and growth, we also make sure to measure the results of our campaigns, ads, and posts. Our strategies are what make us one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata. To know more about us, visit our official website