Live video has become one of the most interesting medium of content in today’s internet era. A new-gen audience prefers to watch a live video stream over reading a lengthy article posted by the same brand. Instagram live streaming and Facebook live streaming have also played a role in highlighting the growth of live video.

Most popular brands are already using Facebook Live webcasting solutions and Instagram Live streaming services. Are you thinking of using most of the live video streaming for your company growth? What could be best than seeking the service of a digital marketing company in Kolkata?

Before getting started with the discussion, let’s make sure which one is the best? Facebook Live or Instagram Live? To begin with, both of them have few similarities along with few differences.

What Are The Similarities Between Them?

  • Both Instagram and Facebook allow users to go live and engage with real-time followers.
  • These apps notify your followers by push notification when the brand is streaming a live video.
  • Instagram and Facebook provide analytics for every live stream. They also allow the live streamer to engage with their audience in real-time and it enables the audience to like and leave comments in real-time too.

How Does Facebook Live Work? 

So what happens when you go live on Facebook?

  • Lots of your followers would be notified but not every one of them. However, anyone will be able to watch the live video after visiting your Facebook page.

  • After your facebook live video is over, you will get the option of saving it as a permanent post on your timeline. In addition to that, you can extract even more value from turning the live videos into long-term content. By doing so, you are also allowing people to view the videos on demand.

  • Facebook allows you to do live streaming from both the desktop and mobile app. Furthermore, these videos can also be watched on all types of devices.

How Does Instagram Live Work?

  • Live video is one of the features of Instagram stories. It disappears after twenty-four years after the live streaming has ended. Your followers will be notified the moment you go live. Additionally, you will also be given a priority in the app’s story section. It also helps to increase your Instagram reach dramatically.

  • Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t save the entire live streams. To sum up, this content has no permanence and it won’t be watchable on-demand in your profile.

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