SSL, i.e. secure sockets layer is a combination of protocols that is kept hidden with codes. It provides communication security over a computer network. Provision of such encrypted protocols is important as the information sent through the internet is passed from one computer to another through LAN. In absence of such protocol security, any computer between the main user and server can notice sensitive information including credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords.

Google has recently announced that an SSL certificate can be a safe medium for Website development companies to boost SEO ranking. Therefore, it has become imperative to make serious consideration over the aspect of installing SSL certificate. This certificate has also become a ranking parameter for marketers. SSL helps in securing the transactions taking place over shopping websites. With a padlock in the address bar of the website, it is able to create a sense of security in the mind of the users.

Contributions of SSL certificate in SEO ranking

  • SEO services have identified SSL certificate as one of the prime factors to boost ranking. It involves the introduction of https or hypertext transport protocol security. Introduction of such a concept has helped in making a website highly secured. Sites with SSL 2048 bit key are able to protect the connection of a site through encryption and authentication.


  • With the introduction of SSL formalities, websites ranking may enjoy a boost. Google has already said that a mere induction of https may serve as a tiebreaker when the quality of other factors in a website is equal in all respect. Two websites may be equal in terms of speed, title tags or content freshness but the website that has included https will enjoy a higher ranking.


  • Business owners having websites without SSL certificates will have to face the negative reaction from Google as the search engine will identify the site as insecure. This is sure to repel the customers. Due to non-recognition from search engines, the website will also fail to enjoy the desired ranking and traffic reach will be lower too.


  • Secure https websites appeal more than non-secure websites with mere HTTP. Google Chrome has recently changed the HTTP security indicator. It has become a red triangle that is used to show the broken https when the customer enters the information in any form in the HTTP page.


  • Better ranking is unanimously related to the generation of more traffic. Digital Marketing Services have also had also discovered that the generation of leads has become an easy process. Users, from an on-look through websites, feel more comfortable with those websites that have the signal of security. When they see these signs, a feeling of comfort and trust builds into their mind. Secure sites get more traffic and can generate more revenue.


  • When the website has been considered a content-based site, even if the sensitive data is not present, induction of SSL certificate would equal fresh investment. Search engines are considering about imposing a penalty for the owner of those sites who have not arranged the provision of secure sockets layer.