SEO is a broad field that touches upon various marketing channels, including search engine advertising (SEA). SEA directly or indirectly influences the working of SEO, says Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Therefore, if you want to make your digital marketing goals a reality, you should deploy a marketing approach in which SEO and SEA complement each other.

Why Use SEA & SEO Together?

Using SEO and SEA together will allow you to dominate on the search engine results page or SERP. SERP domination means reaching a prominent position on Google ranking for both unpaid (SEO) and paid (SEA) results.

If you have a good position, ideally top 5, on the SERP, organically as well as through paid ads, it will increase your visibility, credibility, and chances of engagement.

How to Use SEO & SEA Together 

According to Digital Googly, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, here is how you should use SEA and SEO together.

Use SEA to Guide SEO

SEO has a tremendous potential ROI. However, it is a long-term and continuous process that requires top-notch initial data to succeed. SEA can provide that data.

The conversion rate and the potential of different keywords and pages in paid campaigns are valuable information that you can extract through your PPC campaigns. These data will help you determine the areas you should optimize for long-term SEO strategies.

Optimize Metadata

Marketers can assess the searchers’ intent using the precise results of PPC in terms of conversions, click-through rates (CTR), bounce rates and time spent on site for different sessions.

The data from A/B testing performed by the PPC team can be used to enhance metadata for SEO, says Digital Googly, an SEO company in Kolkata. For instance, you can use the copy from the high-performing ads to optimize your page titles and meta descriptions. It can help improve the organic CTR.

It also works in reverse. High-performing SEO snippets can be a significant source of inspiration for PPC ad copy.

Improve Quality Score

A high Google Quality Score is essential for an effective SEA strategy. It determines the cost and performance of PPC campaigns.

One decisive Quality Score factor is the quality of the landing pages and their relevance to visitors.

SEO is all about providing relevant content to users and giving them the best experience. Therefore, you can take the help of SEO to make sure your ads direct users to highly relevant and optimized landing pages.

Optimize Bidding Strategy

When you notice many conversions from organic rankings for specific keywords, you can start advertising for these queries in PPC campaigns and increase their allocated budget.

Here is another strategy that you can use. Suppose you observe that your PPC campaign is generating high conversions from specific keywords. In that case, you can start optimizing for them in your broader SEO strategy. It will help you obtain better organic positions, says Digital Googly, the best digital marketing company in Kolkata.

In the long term, the above strategy will help you reduce the SEA budget for specific keywords that are already performing well in organic search.


Several variables influence the organic rankings of a site. SEO results might take longer than initially expected and rankings can decrease in a short period.

Therefore, you should use SEA as a backup strategy to thecontinuous SEO practices. Using SEA and SEO together will allow you to maintain your site’s presence and generateconsistent traffic from the SERPs, says Digital Googly, a top digital marketing company in Kolkata.