Backlinks, also called inbound links, are a show of confidence for the content linked to on your site from another web page. It serves as an important proof to Google. Link building comprises obtaining external links from other relevant third-party sites to your website with the help of a blogger outreach team. A backlink can come from a social media site or a directory, but it’s more likely to come from a blog post or another website’s content, says a professional of Digital Googly, one of Kolkata’s top digital marketing agencies.

What Makes a High-Quality Backlink

The following are some indicators that will help you determine how quality a backlink is:

  • The Linked Site’s Domain Authority: High-quality connections from respectable sites have a considerably higher value than links from illegal sources. A domain authority of 60-100 is considered great, 40-50 are acceptable, and less than 40 is undesirable.
  • Relevance: It is critical to have a backlink that is relevant to the theme of your website or the niche in which you work.
  • Outgoing Links: Backlinks from a website (domain) or web page that links to hundreds of other URLs has a lower value than a website with a few but relevant outbound connections.
  • Link Location: The most useful links are placed in the body of the page, not in the footer or sidebar.

Quick and Easy Ways to Get High-Quality Backlinks

Look for broken links

Broken links can result in 404 errors, which have a detrimental impact on the page’s quality. Using the Check My Links Chrome extension, look for broken links on high-DA websites relevant to your business or sector. Once you’ve gathered enough information, contact the website’s owner to inform them of your findings. There’s a probability that your efforts will be rewarded as well as appreciated. As a result, pitch your links once you’ve gotten a response.

Guest Blogging

Other bloggers will be more inclined to feature your work on their website if it is compelling and closely aligned to the blog’s overall theme.

Guest blogging works like this: when you submit content to another website and include connections to your social media, blogs, services, products and so on, your audience grows as other bloggers’ subscribers join. While pitching bloggers for guest blogging, you’re also building relationships with them. As a result, it’s probable that the blogger will want to include external connections to your site. A digital marketing professional of the renowned marketing agency in Kolkata advises to choose websites with a higher domain score and higher search engine rankings.

Prioritise Content Types that are Known to Produce Backlinks

The content types listed below can be used as a guide to help you create distinctive and captivating content. The following items are on the list:

  • ‘How to’ Posts
  • ‘Why’ Posts
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Infographic


We hope that this blog has given you some ideas for reviving your backlink strategy. Link building might take a long time to bear fruit. It’s possible that your strategy will take months to pay off. For a successful backlink building strategy for your business website, reach out to the Digital Googly’s team of digital marketing experts.