There are more than 60000 searches performed on Google every second and Google has a record of 90% search engine market share online. SEO is one of those crucial keys to your marketing strategies. Search engine algorithms are always on the verge of changing. Due to the quick pace of changes, it is quite tricky to keep up with the latest practices.

Are you missing out on the importance of keyword ranking while keeping up with SEO tricks? Fortunately, good SEO doesn’t have to be time –consuming. Here are few quick tips to boost up your rankings and all of them are doable. Regardless of how advanced or novice your brand is.

  • Focus On Your Cornerstone Content:

Cornerstone content is what you want your viewers to find out when they search for relevant keywords. Only ensuring that the content is valuable and robust is not going to be enough. Your cornerstone content needs to be evergreen as it continues to be important to your audience over time. In addition to that, it needs to be relevant enough to speak for your audience’s needs. Also, it provides an exhaustive and informative source on the topics that your audience cares about. Last but not the least; it needs to be updated regularly as new information is pouring daily.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Footer:

People used to put a lot of text about their products and services into their footers to boost up SEO traffic. But this trick doesn’t work anymore. In fact, with the new-gen trends of Google’s algorithm, it can hurt your rankings. That means you need to be more strategic about building more footer links.

  • Use A Keyword Research Tools:

Probably some of your keywords have already ranked good. How can you improve the other one’s rank? Check out Google’s search tools and figure out relevant long-tail keywords. Modify your content so that long-tail phrases fit into it naturally. Within a month, those modified pages should start ranking higher. Only a digital marketing company will help you get the best services of content.

  • Boosting Up Your Online Presence:

Social media plays an important role in making your brand stand out. Turn to a professional social media marketing company in Kolkata who is familiar with all the new trends of online branding.

However, doing all these things alone might not be possible for you. It is high time you hire a digital marketing agency that can help you rank your business higher. The more people type your company name into the search bar, the higher you will rank.