Facebook engagement refers to any form of action that a user performs on a Facebook Page or one of their posts. The most frequent examples are comments, shares, and likes but it could also include checking in to a particular location or tagging someone in a post. Facebook engagement is essential because it helps to expand organic reach. Apart from this, it also helps in boosting the News Feed placement depending on Facebook algorithm and hence you should avail good digital marketing services in Kolkata. Activities such as shares and likes will help your posts to reach the audience’s extended circle.

  • Post links on first comments :

    Let’s discuss why this is a good idea. The simple reason is that Facebook wants people to spend more time on its platform. As such, its News Feed algorithm does not favour posts which direct people to some other website. Hence, any post containing an off-platform link may be rejected and shown to lesser number of people in the audience. An alternative could be creating a longer caption and then informing the audience that they can gain more information from the link provided in the first comment.

  • Post engaging content in between website links :

    This tip is quite obvious, and still remains a solid old-school marketing strategy for Facebook. Experts at digital marketing agencies in Kolkata will suggest that the first and foremost step is to know who your audience is. Start by researching other similar Pages, paying attention to your own analytics and finally understanding the interest area of the followers. This must be followed by creating super engaging content, before posting any personal links.

    This is because, since you have posted great content that is liked by your audience even before you have attempted to use it to draw traffic, the algorithm will favour your page’s content, due to the fact that you are already producing enough engagement. Hence, your posts containing links will be allowed similar reach benefits.

  • Use of Messenger Bots :

    One of the recent trends in social media marketing is the use of Facebook Messenger and chat bots for interacting with customers and keeping the fans updated. Connecting with people on Messenger will gives you a chance to interact with those who have not liked your Page yet. Avail the services of a good digital marketing agency in Kolkata to understand how this could be best used.