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The concept of Functional Minimalism web design can be traced back to the creative and artistic movement which happened during the times of World War 2. The theory revolutionized the way an individual perceived a particular content. The concept attempted to prioritize content over everything else thus making a specific piece of work more defined and incisive in nature. The same approach can also be used in making a website for an organization. This can greatly enhance the overall web design and the virtual look of the company and at the same time make the website more feasible and user-friendly.
But before discussing the minimalist function in a website one needs to understand the true function and purpose of minimalism. As one can understand it is the use of minimalistic content over other aesthetic choices to boost the image of a piece of work. While at first glance this approach might be perceived as newer and more modern trend, the reality is far from it. The underlying concept of minimalism has been around for a much longer time and only recently has been picked up by the western nations. While thinking about the minimalistic look and feel one can also look towards the Asian nations as they have long enjoyed the minimalistic approach to lifestyle and interior-decoration. This method now also has been adopted in building web-site. One can enlist the help of various web design company in kolkata, to help build an intuitive looking website and virtual workplace.

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The first step in creating a minimalist website is to prioritize which tasks are to be performed by the visitor who is coming to the website. Having lots of content on the screen at the same time for the visitor can confuse the viewer or even turn them away. Instead, the focus should be on key contents and specific actions which can be performed on the site. Thus, in this case it is extremely important to have a web development company in Kolkata, who can oversee the overall working, function and development of the web-site and its content which has been made for the website.
While keeping all these factors in mind one also should not forget that no matter how one approaches content prioritization, they should not make the work the user experience difficult as that can be a big turnoff for the consumer. The basic idea behind such minimalist approach is to communicate more with less content with nothing to hide. One also needs to remember to create the website around certain key contents and leave just enough visible objects around these contents which can be easily picked up by the viewer and they don’t end up confused about the content present on the site. At the same time if one is not confident in their technical skills of making a website then they can approach any other web design and web development company in kolkata to perform this work on their behalf.


The other important factor to consider when designing a website with this approach is to effectively use the negative space or the balanced use of such negative space. Negative spaces are those blank spaces which do not have any content in their spaces instead they are used to put more emphasis on the already existing content. A good website creator should be able to use the negative space as an effective tool and also like a blank canvas to put more life and fluidity in their creation. Using flat textures and minimum color is also another way to grab more eyeballs on a specific piece of content or a piece of work.
The minimalist approach to content creation can definitely stand the test of time and can certainly be used to enhance a piece of content while at the same time providing a good user experience.