Have you already entered the world of digital marketing for increasing your brand growth?  You might be aware of the ongoing confusion over content marketing and SEO.  The question is do content and SEO go hand in hand? Do they influence each other? The easy answer is YES! SEO basically creates the demand and content marketing fulfills it.

But how does it work?

Let’s find out the answer below.

You must know how critical SEO can get for any digital marketing strategy. Be careful while hiring a digital marketing agency as the team will be the one creating a well-planned marketing strategy. Simply writing third party articles isn’t enough to get good rank in SERP. You must come up with a solid content marketing plan which is in sync with your brand’s goal.

So how do you do that?

Here’s how SEO is influenced by content marketing.

 The Smaller The Better:

If you are hiring a provider of SEO services in Kolkata which has its own content writing team,   you might face queries like ‘how many words do you want?’Hence you know content’s length has always been a thing among the new-gen digital marketers. Nowadays, your target audience likes to read shorter yet catchy contents which are informative and powerful.

 Visual Is Also Important

While content continues to remain the king, video content is also emerging up to dominate the search engine market.  Almost 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube on a regular basis.

 Voice Recognition Technology:

Voice search is gaining   popularity in the digital marketing space. Have you ever thought that a visually disabled person will be able to use a Smartphone so easily? Google Voice search has made it possible.  Your content marketing team needs to be able to deal with the rapidly evolving technologies and make the most of it.  Along with a solid strategy, brilliant team and process you need one more thing; a connection with your consumers.

 Don’t Forget The Personal Touch

Feeding your target audience with personalized content is essential for your content marketing strategy. For example, if you are running a clothing brand, the best way to strengthen your customer reach is creating a personal email marketing plan.

Be Unique:

Your content marketing plan needs to focus on SEO gain.  Your content team needs to focus on which people are searching for and create a content which is not available online.

To conclude, make sure that the best SEO Company in Kolkata delivers a mix of contents- blogs, social media posts and videos.