Google Adwords are now-a-days mentioned as Google Ads. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads use the concept of PPC advertising. This technique is widely used by online marketing companies in promoting products and services. Maximum reach is attainable when any one is utilized with perfection. But they have some inherent differences in respect of application. Proper analysis of these features will let a business know which one is best fit for their unit.

For a business which is new in this area of PPC, it should be informed to them that both of these advertising platforms offer robust targeting options and a lot of advanced features. Therefore, enough skill and energy is needed to be devoted behind this in order to gather expertise.

PPC experts with Digital Marketing companies in Kolkata are comfortable in convincing their customers about the utility of the mode chosen for that customer. The person must have the relevant knowledge of sharing info-graphic about these methods in order to make the client understand the reason behind such choice.

  1. About Facebook Ads and Google Ads:

    Both of these advertising platforms operate on PPC basis. Both of these platforms lead the advertiser to an auction. The advertiser requires placing a bid about the extent of payment he/she is willing to make. A certain amount will be charged from the account of the advertiser every time someone clicks on those ads.

  2. Size of Audience:

    Google handles more than3.5 billion searchers everyday and Facebook handles around 1.45 billion active users on a day basis. Facebook could procure around 91% of its total advertising revenue from advertising alone. However, audience size is not a determinant factor, as many persons may exist in both the platforms. Therefore, the companies providing PPC Agency in Kolkata need to ponder about the existence of target audience in these networks. It should also be put in mind that a product which is new and innovative or has some features to attract attention, it will have some potential market everywhere.

  3. Cost & ROI:

    The average CPC on Google Adwords is $2.69, though it undergoes enough variance in respect of industry. E-commerce businesses are expected to pay a sum of around $1.16 per click, while legal businesses are ready to spend around $6.75 behind per click. While putting the cost into perspective, most expense incurred by an industry is Insurance that occupies a maximum outlay of $54.9 per click. On the contrary, Facebook ads have shown a lower tendency. The average spending on these ads has observed to come down to a mere $0.45 per click for apparel industry. Finance and Insurance are topper in this field too, the highest bid being $3.77 only. Thus, these ads are better option for Digital Marketing company in Kolkata. Placement of ads has also contributed in determining cost. Instagram feed advertisements cost twice to that of Facebook placements. Another important cost determinant is CPA, i.e. cost per action. It helps to determine the presence of strong ROI. It varies by campaign and is largely dependent on how versatile an ad is in respect of target. It also depends on the ability of the advertiser to convert at a higher rate. In this parameter too, ads on Facebook stay at much lower stage than Good Ads. The average CPA on Facebook is $18.68 per click while in adwords, it costs $48.96 for search and $75.51 for display.

  1. Targeting Options:

    Seo services fixes user target audiences with respect of age, gender, location, income level etc. Facebook ads stay much ahead in this respect. Besides the above parameters, it allows an advertiser create audiences on the basis of compatible list of interest and behaviors. Addition of these factors has made the ads on facebook more realistic and able to produce desired effect to a much greater extent. Facebook also lets the advertiser use a tool called lookalike audience. When the advertiser decides to make use of this tool, same advertisement can be viewed by people who are similar to existing audience. Existing data are used in matching customers to similar users.

  2. Ad Formats:

    Facebook allows the scope for creativity and thus is preferred in Social Media marketing company in Kolkata. Such creativity has made it a better platform for building brand awareness. Adwords allows the user short block of text to attract attention of potential customers on SERPs. Ad extensions are there for additional text and information, but the overall format becomes limited.

In comparison, Facebook allows addition of visual impact to messages by using image-based ads. Varying ad formats are used to avoid monotony. There are video, image and carousel ads to attract attention of viewers. The presence of these visual components of Facebook is highly utilizing.

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