Websites get traffic as people scrolls through the link. And the foremost reason for such visit is mainly to study the stories written within various columns inside the website spaces. The stories written within the scope of a website are called contents. These contents are placed within a website by the designers of the website designing company. The designers are required to present the contents in most cordial and innovative way. Yet it is most amazing that website made with after all these intuitive efforts do not bear any unique character. Rather, all the websites made so far bear a resemblance in their formation and design. This is due to the fact that these established layouts have some fundamental advantages:

Usability: The established outlooks have proven their worthiness in bringing out convenience in the designers.

Familiarity: Effective user experience has formulated when a sense of familiarity is raised. Visitors also feel comfortable when they see the familiar features in the frame of the website. Then only these people will spend time in digesting contents.

Economical from the prospect of time and money:  Designers of a web development services company are less prone to waste time with mere experimenting with layout. These people will rather like to focus more on visual hierarchy and other aspects of design that have a direct impact on user experience.

The Favored Outlook

  • Single Column:

    These sorts of columns present the principal volume of content in single and vertical columns. This form is easiest and most simple. This column outlook has been able to gain ample popularity. The column outlook is applied in a personal blog under the minimalistic design principle.

Tips for Application

The single column layout is mainly used for long scroll pages. Therefore, keeping navigation within site is mandatory. So, the navigation attains a sticky nature. It helps the website to avert those visitors who are in need to scroll back to top.

  • Splitting of Screen:

    When the designer of a website design & development company is needed to post two main pieces of content that bear equal importance, they split the screen into two. Such a method allows the designers to display both the items in a given time. This will reveal the fact that both of them carry identical significance. Such a layout is also ideal for contrasting. Designers use this layout for placing two items against each other.

Tips for Application

The span of Split screen designs do not commensurate with the growth of contents. So experts advice to avert this method when there are lot of textual and visual information are required to insert.

  • Asymmetrical Layout:

This technique is highly popular among web designers. The method is greatly helpful in creating a balance between two sections. Utilizing this technique helps in creating better scanning pattern as the user attention is focused on some individual objects. The designer of the best website development company can thus engage the visitor by simple contrasting the width, scale, and color of each asymmetrical piece of content.

Tips of Application

Applying the concept of the asymmetrical layout will need that the object with more visual weight will attract primary attraction. Therefore, it is advised that the user will use elements with higher color contrast. This will ensure the addition of visual weight to specific parts of the design.

  • Use of Boxes: Boxes are used for corporate, e-commerce and individual portfolio sites. This layout has been characterized by large header width boxes. There are insertions of a few smaller boxes that take up a portion of the larger box’s screens. The maximum numbers of such boxes are five.

Tips of Application

The larger boxes are used for showcasing products and the larger boxes provide additional information.

  • Featured Images: Images are inserted in design as it is thought to be the fastest way to sell the product. Such a thing has an opportunity to create emotional bonding with visitors.

Tips of Application

This layout is used when there is need to demonstrate only one product and service. The layout makes it possible to offer a rich experience and also help to raise awareness for endangered species.