If you have a website, then you might have heard about sub-domains. However, like many others, you might be unaware that sub-domains can drastically influence your website’s SEO performance. 

How? Let’s learn from the experts of the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata

What is a sub-domain?

A sub-domain is a child domain of the larger host domain and is built to provide further information about it. Digital marketing companies explain that sub-domains are created to organize and navigate to different sections of a website that may be extensive in content or different thematically. You can create multiple sub-domains under the main domain. 

For instance, say you are building a website that sells cakes and using the domain name cakes.com. In this website, contact.cakes.com is a possible sub-domain. So is about.cakes.com. They both represent sub categories that are related to the main domain but nonetheless have their own intent. 

But how can sub-domains help to increase a website’s SEO performance? Let’s check out. 

  • Better on-site experience

Sub-domains are usually an expansion of your main website. When you want your users to explore a certain topic further but don’t want to clutter your home page with so much information. This way of organizing your website content makes it easier for your users to find the information they want. Thus, improving the on-site experience means your website will appear higher on the SERP. 

  • Helps in getting backlinks

Wondering how sub-domains help to get backlinks? Let’s learn from digital marketing agencies in kolkata. Let’s take the previous example, your website is cakes.com which has a blog page with the sub-domain blog.cakes.com. Now, when we post content on the blog page, the main domain gets a backlink from the sub-domain. 

Websites with more quality backlinks will rank better than those with low-quality backlinks. 

  • Creating mobile-friendly sub-domains

As we all know, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites, so a lot of websites that are typically built for desktop also have responsive mobile-friendly sub-domains. These subdomains work alongside their main domain but include mobile-friendly content that works well on all devices. 

  • Boosts site domain authority

Domain authority refers to how your website is perceived in your industry. Although sub-domains are often treated as separate entities from the main website, they can positively impact the ranking of the main domain. Moreover, because of the additional keywords, they may also rank for terms that the original domain doesn’t rank highly for.

A sub-domain can be a valuable addition to your website if you have a primary domain with low authority. It will also increase your website’s popularity and reach in your niche domain.