Instagram captions are useful since they add more context to photos, videos and Reel.  However, many businesses have started using the “micro-blog style” caption to communicate with their audience in recent years.  So, in 2022, what is the ideal Instagram caption length? Digital Googly, one of the best social media marketing companies in Kolkata, explains everything you need to know about Instagram captions.

Why are Instagram Captions Important

On Instagram, photos and videos have always come first, but the caption is what makes or breaks a post. That’s because the “story” you tell to your followers adds context, personality and even motivates them to take action, which includes clicking the link in your profile or leaving a remark.

Furthermore, captions provide a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your connection with your audience. Long captions that promote story-telling and authenticity can help businesses and influencers achieve remarkable outcomes.

Of course, what you write in your caption (as well as how much you write) is very dependent on your brand and the content you’re sharing. In any event, while creating gorgeous pictures for your Instagram feed is vital, writing engaging Instagram captions is much better.

What is the Best Caption Length for Instagram

The average length of captions has more than doubled since 2016, according to online research. In 2022, we expect our feeds will be flooded with even longer captions, similar to mini-blog entries. This may be a fantastic opportunity for brands to tell stories that go beyond product information and build a far stronger brand affinity with their audience.

Longer captions are also associated with better engagement, says an executive of a well-known digital marketing agency in Kolkata. A greater engagement rate indicates that your content is not only resonating with your target audience but it also aids in its general discoverability. The more engagement a post receives, the more likely it is to be included on the Explore page or in the feeds of your followers.

You can choose to write more or less from here, but the main thing is that you express more of your story in your Instagram captions in 2022. Of course, this isn’t to mean that every caption should be a novel. It actually depends on your business and the content you’re presenting if a simple caption is all you need.


Long Instagram captions may seem difficult to come up with, but they are well worth the effort when you consider the benefits. Give the long-form Instagram caption trend a try, whether you’re an e-commerce firm selling things or a blogger sharing content — it might be a game-changer for your Instagram engagement! Are you ready to get organised and schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time? Give your business a rocking start with Digital Googly’s Instagram marketing services in Kolkata.