In the present days, the customers are very much experienced and highly practical. Proper attention is what they demand and they also want nothing but the best. Even the large retailers follow a policy of mixed strategy for making the customers feel that they are the centre of attention. This is necessary because the customers like to think they are important. For example, a supermarket chain may stock everything customers need for their monthly groceries so that they don’t have to go to different shops for different products. You need to do a lot of planning beforehand to formulate an effective customer-based marketing strategy.

1. Understand your Customers

With regard to purchases, payment history and other factors, you can check the past behavior of your customers to understand them. About many things like the favourite products of customers, their problems, their preferred social platforms, their browsing history and so on you need to get a fair idea. It will help you a lot to create an ideal buyer persona if you know many details about the purchasing and browsing behaviours of your customers. You will be able to serve your customers better if your persona is much closer to the actual buyer.

2. Identify their pain points

Presenting your products and services as tools for resolving your customer’s problems comprise customer-based marketing. Therefore, at first, you have to understand the pain points of your customers and then identify which of your products can be of help in solving them and in which way. The main point is that from their viewpoint, you have to think.

3. Categorize your customers

Expanding the client base is a basic need of any business and so you have to always look for acquiring new customers for your business. A number of ways such as print and TV ads, digital marketing service like social media ads and posts, email newsletters and so on. When people contact you with your product enquiries or visit your website, you gain leads or potential customers. But, it is of no use to nurture all potential customers. There will be a lot among them who will not be able to make a decision within a few days or do not have any emergency need. However, you should invest in those customers who like your brand and buy from you often. This will turn them into your best customers by strengthening the bond. And those who only buy from you are your best customers. They remain your customers almost lifelong because they believe in your brand and your products. One thing you must keep in your mind that you must not take them for granted and you must make sure that you retain these customers.

4. Reward loyalty

You will be able to identify your best customers from your database. They are your loyal customers who will always return to you. To make them extra special, come up with well-planned strategies. You should plan special offers and the like to reward them. They will also serve as your brand ambassadors besides being revenue earners in themselves. About your products and services, they will tell others and the word of mouth publicity is the perhaps the best publicity.

5. Do not force sell

From time immemorial, marketers have been doing this, but now the time to change it has come. Don’t force your audience to buy and also don’t nag them. The decisions are made by today’s customers on their own and they don’t want anyone to force them. For making an intelligent decision, they only need information. To make the right decisions themselves, you need to empower your customers.

6. Provide relevant information

Provide the relevant information to your customers. Tell your customers what benefits the products and services can provide them. For example, they can increase website traffic in case yours is a digital marketing agency, save time, save money and so on. Your customers are more interested in this.

7. Engage one to one

The basis of customer based marketing strategy is to engage with your customers on a one to one basis. Provide your contact information on your website, your printed material and your emails so that your customers can easily contact you. Instruct the website development company to keep a live chat option on your website so that customers can instantly get in touch with a representative of your company and get help regarding various matters.

8. Build a community

Be sure to build a community including your customers, your brand and your team after you have identified your customers and their pain points. You will reach a wider audience if you post interesting videos, blogs and short texts and people like, share or comment on those posts. You must respond to them in a timely and professional manner after customers post reviews or feedback of your products and services. You should also convey to your customers that their comments are really important to you.