Are you obsessed with Instagram? Has it become your new favorite app after Facebook? Then you must be aware of the IG story. Isn’t it amazing to share your daily updates? The best part is that IG story expires after 24 hours of posting it. So, if you are not very fond of frequently posting pictures directly on your feed, story sharing is your thing.

Also, IG story is a great option to create an alert for your followers. It’s an amazing way to grab their attention while they are busy with their lives.

Have you ever thought about using it for the growth of your brand? Believe us, it’s not only there to show off the crazy boomerang you recorded of your dog’s tail-wagging last night. It can do a lot for creating mass awareness of your company’s services and products.

How Can The Brands Make The Most Of IG Stories?

Ask any new-gen digital marketing company about how IG story plays a huge role in and branding. Your business profile can share a story rather than multiple individual posts. You can post multiple videos and images in a different form. There are multiple creative story-making streaks which help to make your brand ‘one-of-a-kind’.

In addition to this, your followers can also like and comment on your story. Therefore you can measure the amount of attention and engagement you are getting. Above all, video marketers can solely focus on creating unique content in a casual setting to enhance their brand image.

How Can You Use IG Stories For Marketing?

Covering The Daily Updates:

At first, stories might seem unimportant. But it’s a great way to share daily updates of your brand. For example, you can create a fun story update on how your day goes at work. It might not be favourable to post a hundred pictures on your feed. But it’s better to share little yet significant things as a story. 

Making Your Stories Which Grab Eyeballs: 

Instagram presents you with lots of new features and you must take full advantage of it. Figure out creative ways to add up a personal touch to your business entity. Tell a story about you that your followers will love. Turn to a social media marketing company in Kolkata that makes such unique stories that your followers can’t miss a single update.

Choosing the best online marketer might be a tricky idea since the competition is huge. Watch out for the digital marketing agency in Kolkata who is doing their marketing in a fun and creative way. They have got fresh, unique ideas and it can take your brand to the top.