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Every website needs traffic. For your website, blogging generates traffic. The first fact is understood by everybody, but surprisingly the second fact is given importance by very few businesses. Many businesses give importance to direct sales. But the fact is that they are neglecting the reasons for customers to discover their businesses and spending their whole time to convert customers. To build an audience and generate more traffic and sales for any business, blogging is a very effective way. It should not be treated as an unnecessary thing. This is true for your e-commerce business too. As posting more blogs helps to improve SEO, it drives traffic to your website. It lets you convert visitors into customers by telling stories. You can often hire other companies to post blogs for your e-commerce website. Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in Kolkata, provides professional blog writing service.

Blogging helps you rank in search engines

You might not feel interested to blog if your audience is small. This is because you have the feeling that no one will read it. This is a wrong policy. The number of audiences will ultimately grow big if you start blogging. In terms of SEO, blogging helps your website a lot. If you create content that people want to link to, this is especially true. The number of pages in your e-commerce website increases because of blogging. This results in more internal links pointing to your homepage. It is also good to have links from other websites. Your page rankings really improve when an article of yours get shared on social media and gets linked to on other websites. Your e-commerce website will rank higher in the search engines if more links can generate back to your site because of the content you create. Your e-commerce website also remains updated if you post blogs regularly. As blogging gives you a way to create content around the keywords you’re targeting, it gives you the opportunity to rank for more key phrases.


Blogs get you noticed

You will rank more highly in search engines when you are writing good content that people want to read and share. You will have more to tweet about and more to share on Facebook when you write blog posts. A blog post encourages other people to link beside giving you more material for tweets. Some visitors will definitely be brought by someone who tweets your blog post. Content that demonstrates your expertise beyond unproven assertions can be created by blogging. Relative to your competitors, it also positions you as a more trusted authority. Your post may attract attention from outside your industry if you have a good piece of content. To ensure that the content of your blog is good, you can take help of a company providing professional blog writing services. Such a company is Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in Kolkata.

Blogs are a marketing platform for telling your story

Blogging lets you build an audience of repeat buyers. To lead your readers to know what to expect, there is a headline in a blog. There is the space for you to tell a story. Lots of cool visuals can be included by you. For telling a story, the blog is a very good medium. You could also feature your product besides featuring your story. You can describe their special features, how they are made and where they are from. Bring more attention to your story and your products by posting blogs.