Even though LinkedIn was founded in 2003, the days of it serving just as a professional networking site for connecting job seekers and companies are long gone. Companies are working hard to grow their business by making connections, building partnerships, generating leads, and improving brand recognition on LinkedIn, which has a solid user base of over 500 million users. You will be astounded by the fact that over 50% of the businesses have acquired a B2C customer through LinkedIn. Now is your time to build a buzz about your company among professional influencers and industry decision-makers!

We’ve put together a few social media marketing strategies to help you connect to your target group on LinkedIn while also improving your brand’s credibility and positioning.

1. Convert your LinkedIn business page into a lead generation page

A well-optimized LinkedIn company page has the potential to convert leads into website visitors. A complete profile on LinkedIn obtains 5 times the number of page views as one that is incomplete. Begin by submitting a high-resolution banner image and company logo that define your brand. To give your banner image some flair, add a unique CTA or a photo of your office.

In your company description, incorporate catchy descriptive content that highlights how you propose to address your target audience’s pain issues, peer recommendations, and so on. Determine which hashtags and keywords your target audience will possibly search for while looking for your products or services and include them in your description to make it SEO-friendly.

2. Post and share media-rich content that are likely to engage the audience

You may boost the odds of your article getting indexed by Google by posting and sharing relevant and valuable information on LinkedIn on a regular basis.

Your content should be created with the goal of establishing your organisation as an industry expert. As a result, your content should be focused on a topic where you can provide value or provide useful information. This will make your content appear more educational, thought-provoking, and unique.

Industry trends, case studies, infographics, thought leadership articles, white papers, marketing events/webinars, how tos, tips, tricks, and job ads are all examples of content that function well on LinkedIn, says our team of the best social media marketers in Kolkata.

3. Consider your publishing schedule and frequency

Businesses who post once a week report a twofold increase in engagement. Brands that publish once a month acquire six times the number of followers, while those who post once a day gain even more. LinkedIn, on the other hand, advocates posting on a daily basis to stay in touch with your audience and keep your feed current. According to a respected Digital Marketing Company in India, your company should post at least once each week.

Regardless of how frequently you post, it’s best to aim for maximum impact by releasing your material when it’s at its most popular. The best time to reach out to your target audience varies from one company to another. We recommend that you experiment with different posting times and examine the CTR to figure out when your audience is most engaged.


LinkedIn has undeniable potential to help your company expand by connecting you with the right people, potential clients and organisations. We at Digital Googly, with years of experience in providing social media marketing services, help our clients thrive and extend beyond their vision and competition’s frontiers. You may entrust us with the conception, administration, and implementation of your company’s LinkedIn marketing efforts.