They say, ‘Googleability’ (the likelihood of finding your website by Google) is everything! Digital Googly, considered to be the best SEO company in Kolkata, agrees on this. Every day, Google Analytics evolves! According to research, Google Analytics reports can help fine-tune your Search Engine Optimization strategy and increase nearly 89 percent of its efficacy. Do you want to keep track of your viewers’ ages, preferences, and interests? Google it! Do you want to keep track of how many times your ad copy has been seen? Google it. Are you trying to figure out how to reach out to your target demographic? Google it. Google appears to know all of the answers, and now that Google Analytics has been updated, you’re all set to make your SEO plan a grand success as well. Here’s how to make the most of Google Analytics to increase organic traffic to your website:

Make the Most of Google AMP Tracking’s Capabilities

You can now provide your mobile users with an ultra-fast viewing experience thanks to the all-new Google AMP Tracking. Amazing studies have shown how publishers are recommending Google AMP tracking on a daily basis for increased overall visibility and engagement. According to Search Engine Watch, enabling AMP increased click-through rates by 90%, while 80% of the content received more views. It doesn’t stop there! Google Analytics monitoring may now be used to assess and record user activities on your page!

Check for and Fix XML Sitemap Issues

Before you utilise Google Analytics to fix your sitemap issues, make sure your sitemap is registered with Google Search Console. It doesn’t stop at syncing, though. Remove any indexing mistakes that may obstruct the analytics process so that Google can read your site properly. Before Google can get things right for you, you must first get things straight. Agencies offering specialized SEO services in Kolkata should thoroughly inspect the sitemap to guarantee that nothing is obstructing Google’s ability to read your site.

Use Google Search Console to Check the Performance of Organic Keywords

Your job isn’t done once you’ve strewn a few keywords around your page. With Google Search Console, you can keep a close eye on the performance of your organic keywords. This is critical if you want your site to stay on top of Google’s search results. Using Google Search Console, keep track of and revise your organic keywords to guarantee that your page is reaching the target group! The keyword performance report also includes information on clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and average position. It also keeps track of how relevant your sites are to search queries.

Keep an Eye on Your Backlinks

When it comes to boosting traffic to your website, referrals are quite important. They are, in fact, one of the most important monitoring elements. As the number of backlinks on your site grows, so do your chances of ranking first in search results. You can contact them and even draw out some cross-platform promotional plans that will benefit both parties if you use the analytics to analyse and monitor what kind of website is referring to your site.

Locate Your Highest-Ranking Content

Actually, some content on your website will always convert better than the others. You can now find and capitalise on the best-performing content, thanks to Google Analytics. With a little luck and the correct tools, you might be able to transform some of these into conversion-boosting ad campaigns!


Although content is the King in your digital marketing plan, it is bullet-proofed by a good SEO strategy. That’s why, at Digital Googly, considered to be the best SEO agency in Kolkata, we work hard to improve our clients’ SEO rankings. For most business owners, Google Analytics is already altering the game. Are you up to date yet?