Do you want to take your business to great heights? Who doesn’t? Hear the experts from digital marketing agency in Kolkata tell you how. 

A solid marketing plan is a roadmap that helps turn your business goals into reality. It gives you a clear idea of the what, why, and how of all your marketing activities. 

A solid marketing plan ideally includes:

  • An overview of your long-term and short-term business goals
  • A clear view of your target audience
  • An execution timeline and budget

Although marketing plans don’t produce immediate results, they are still a crucial aspect of any business plan and deserve a considerable amount of attention. 

A clear, thought-out strategy reduces waste, adds focus to your efforts, and builds a plan on what is already working in the industry. 

Wondering what an effective digital marketing strategy looks like? 

Here are some interesting tips from the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata that works for almost every kind of business. 

Define your Digital Marketing Target Audience Based On Their Demographics 

Before devising a marketing plan, it is important that you explore and understand your niche. Creating a buyer persona for your ideal customer is a great way to know who they are and what they need. 

Let’s take an example, if your company sells quick meals, then those people who stay alone away from home and family would likely be your target group. Learn their cooking and eating struggles and you will understand how you can market your products to solve their problem. 

Defining the target audience is one of the priority moves for all digital marketing companies in Kolkata. Concentrating your marketing plan on your target audience will drastically improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and reduce wasting resources on fruitless campaigns. 

Tailor your buyer persona on the following grounds:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Title
  • Goals
  • Pains/Challenges
  • Triggering Events

Build a Content Strategy based on your company’s Digital Marketing Objectives 

Once you have understood your niche audience, it is important to map out a content strategy based on your digital marketing objectives. Your content strategy must include the major buckets of content to include in your execution. 

Not sure how to go about strategizing your content? The best digital marketing agency in Kolkata comes to your rescue. Try out these easy sources of content inspiration: 

  • Check your competitors and notice what they are doing. 
  • Instagram is a warehouse of high-performing content ideas – Posts, Stories, Reels, Videos, Podcasts, Lives setc.  
  • Google Search Suggestions is another way to know what most people are searching for related to your category.

Optimize your Digital Marketing Strategies Across Social Media Channels

Once you have an effective content strategy in place, it’s time to choose the right publishing channel. For instance, if your business wants to target the millennials, then Instagram is the best place to hook them, while if your business products are more appropriate for a mature audience, running your ads on Facebook will fetch better leads. 

Also, the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized the way marketers tend to reach consumers. Since, people have these devices with them nearly all the time, most digital marketers tend to implement strategies that reach customers on their digital gadgets through notifications, emails, social media, etc. 

Track and Generate Digital Marketing Insights Specific to your Company Objectives

Digital marketers in the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata say that too often, businesses start executing their marketing plan but struggle to get the results they were trying to achieve. The reason is simple. Every marketing activity that you invest in must have a clear KPI, which can rightfully measure the success of the plan. 

Let’s take an example. If you plan to do Email Marketing, your Key Performance Indicator could be Open Rate, Clickthrough Rate, Conversion Rate, Bounce Rate and so on.  

Plan a Budget for Digital Marketing Campaigns

The Marketing budget is another aspect that makes or breaks a great marketing strategy. Marketing plans need money for various reasons, such as paid promotions, marketing software, events and outsourced costs. When planning your marketing budget, note the estimated cost, assets, and time required to achieve the stated goals. Also, make sure that the goals you create are realistically achievable within the budget you have set. 


The key takeaway that Digital marketing agency in Kolkata keep suggesting is that when you are developing a marketing plan, it is essential you know why your customer would find your product useful, how it’s different from your competitors, and syncs your product offering with the messages you deliver.