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Websites are essential for the growth of any business or organization. The homepage of any website plays a major role in deciding whether a visitor will enter further into the website or return from the homepage. Visitors get an idea of what lies inside a website from its homepage and therefore best and innovative ideas should be incorporated in the homepage of a website. The following are best 9 homepage design ideas for a website to be well in 2018:

1. Use Lightweight Image Files

An essential part of your website is the use of images, rather good-looking and high-quality images. If the images take too much time to load, the homepage load time will increase. This will irritate the visitors and they will leave your website instantly. To bring down the page load time, you have to compress your images. To check whether the images need to be compressed, a website design company often uses the Page Speed Insights Tool from Google.

2. Call To Simple, Clean And Important Actions

Everything should be clear to visitors when they enter your website so that they can easily decide what step should be taken next. Well kept homepage design ideas should be implemented in such cases. With the help of a large button, you can fix a call to action within the form and make sure it can be read clearly. Visitors can click on this button after deciding what they need. Lead creation will result from this and end up reaching sales. To add a product to the cart, you can always have a call to action button other than the one in the form.

3. Define Your Value Proposition

Consumers of all age groups expect a clear message about what action has to be taken when you have a clearly defined call to action for your website. You must identify what will be acquired by your customers after they click on the CTA. There should be clarity in the subtitles, headline and the content in the body and it should solve their concerns. A website development company can help you a lot in this matter. It must be ensured that what the visitors got from your website can be clearly explained by them to others.

4. The Website’s Homepage Content Should Be Easy To Skim Through

You should ensure that your website content should be easier for the readers to skim through, whether it is long or precise. This also applies to the website homepage content. Rather than reading through, all online visitors have the habit of skimming through the text. An F-pattern is used by people most of the times to read the text. Within the content of your homepage, always include subheads. Try to avoid long and complex sentences. Images and videos can always be used. Add captions to images and don’t use small size fonts.


5. You Can Always Include Photos Of Real People

It has been seen that across your product promotion photos on the homepage, including photographs of real people is one of the best options. Instead of using other icons or illustrations on the site, human photos have been found to bring about more conversions. Rather than using the photos obtained from stock images, the images of your staff and customers can be used. For small and medium-sized businesses to attract their customers, this could be one of the best options. The proper use of images can be best done by a website design company.

6. Identify And Minimize The Risk

As they have been dealing with traditional brands for a long time, some customers would not trust your products. They would not shop with you if they lack trust and this may prove harmful for your business. Provide your customers with a hassle-free service and you can also offer them free delivery, cash on delivery option, etc. This will help you earn positive reviews which you can share on your site.

7. Ease Of Navigation

You can keep all the troubles away with the help of lesser navigation. But, to tour the site, people want to experience the benefit of this navigation. It is difficult to reach a particular page when the navigation bars are kept hidden. There would be a number of pages on your site with combo navigation and to combine all these on to the homepage menu would be difficult.

8. Live Chat Could Be A Great Option

Including live chats on your website can be a great option. You can chat with your website visitors in real time with the help of this feature. Without having to call or email them you can solve their queries and also pitch sales to them by this. A website development company can incorporate this option in your website.

9. Use Videos

As videos help in bringing about increased conversions, they could be a great option for use on your homepage. You can get benefit from this like many other businesses who have already benefitted from this option. For best results, use short videos of one or two minutes duration.