Nowadays, web designers and developers love creating animated experiences not just to add value to the look and feel of the overall website but also to engage visitors. Apart from having impeccable functionalities, a website should also be able to attract the attention of visitors. This means that the website’s sections are well organized, the pages are fully responsive, and the colour saturation is excellent. However, that is not all. We will introduce you to a list of tools and animation libraries that help professionals of Digital Googly, which is regarded to be one of the top 10 web design companies in Kolkata, to create stunning animations without any hassles.

Best UI Animation Libraries

  1. Popmotion

This is a simple animation library that helps create an awesome user experience. Some of the key features of Popmotion are:

  • Support for keyframes, as well as spring or inertia animations
  • Written in very stable TypeScript
  • Optimized for not more than 5kb
  • Functions can be incorporated into any JS environment
  • Allows the animations to move in Framer Motion
  1. CSShake

This tool allows you to include a shake animation in a web element. It provides you with different versions so that you do not have any problems finding the suitable one for your Call to Action Button, or any other element that needs to be highlighted, says an experienced designer of a top web development company in Kolkata.

  1. Velocity.js

It is an animation engine known for being incredibly fast, a fact that both the users and developers will appreciate. It uses an API similar to $.animate (), and it can work as an extension to native DOM, jQuery, and Zepto. Big brands like Windows, Samsung, Uber, and WhatsApp trust Velocity.js.

  1. Bounce.js

It works both as a JS library and a tool, allowing you to produce captivating CSS3-supported keyframe animations. The tool can be used for generating static keyframes, which do not need any extra JavaScript. However, you can use this library to create them on the go.

  1. Mo JS

This is a JavaScript-enabled motion graphics library, which, compared to others, offers a different code animation structure. The best website design and development company in Kolkata uses this library because of the following features:

  • Customizable
  • Open-source
  • Very fast
  • Modular
  • Retina display ready
  • Full control over the animation

While the choice of tools and libraries varies, our selection depends on both experience and preferences of our designers, who set high standards in combining sophistication with stability. Whatever animation library you choose, just make sure not to confuse the visitors with unnecessary animations.