Every big brand seems to be buying Instagram followers. In  2019, the Institute of Modern Music Translation conducted an Instagram audit for a long list of celebrities and found that the percentage of fake Instagram followers of everyone was quite significant. The best digital marketing company in Kolkata wants to break down the whole concept for once and all.

Granted, all the big stars might not buy such followers on Instagram. Many bots are following big names in order to be able to attract other users (hopefully real ones haha). Instagram often suggests the big names to new users as the platform doesn’t have much information about what new people are interested in.

However, it is not surprising that many small business owners or new influencers have bought thousands of followers right at the beginning.

 The best digital marketing company in Kolkata says NO to it:

The important thing is that you should have at least a decent number of real people to follow your page. Especially if your brand has been floating for years, you need to be authentic.

  1. Paid followers don’t engage many audiences as  a real digital marketing company in Kolkata

Well, you have got thousands of fresh followers overnight but your Instagram account hasn’t received a single like or comment despite your quality contents. No matter how awesome your Insta posts are, none of the fake followers will care. Of course, you can understand by now that buying followers don’t boost your engagement and you will have to pay separately for that.

Why don’t you try to join hands with the best Instagram marketing company in Kolkata?  The experts of social media marketing know how to grow your followers organically and how to engage your real followers quickly.

 Fake Followers Are Easy To Detect:

If your real followers look through your actual Instagram followers’ list, they can easily detect your fake followers.  Paid followers often have names that don’t make any sense (plenty of numbers and random letters).  Most usually,  these accounts have a few posts, random photos and they rarely post IG stories.

Big Brands Will Blacklist You and Instagram Might Suspend Your Feed

Instagram has a particular interest in creating a platform for anyone who wants to spend time and learn interesting things. But a bunch of fake accounts with no real human attached don’t make any engagement, let alone make a connection. Besides, Instagram is also taking lots of steps to reduce the number of paid followers and fake activities. This platform is up to detecting the fake accounts and that means your paid followers might disappear within a blink of an eye.

To conclude, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata says that buying followers largely violates Instagram’s terms of services. Therefore, this platform can just suspend your Instagram account right away.