It started with just a few pennies in the pocket and big dreams in the eyes…oops! Sorry to dishearten but it wasn’t like the cliché fairytale beginnings. Everything started as a pre-planned fool-proof business plan but like most others, it wasn’t a bed full of roses.

The Beginning 

Siti Cinema was popular as just a Cable Channel in Bengaland this time, they had to come out of that image and evolve itself as a Full-fledged Entertainment Channel. Now, here comes the role of Digital Googly- a genie out of the lamp. Being one of the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata, we made a strategy to make it big with YouTube as our primary focus channel. The background research and the effective strategy building started from:-

  1. Knowing the brand & its focus areas – For Siti Cinema, it was purely entertainment, entrainment, and more entertainment

    Sounds so simple and fun, isn’t it? No, it’s wasn’t. There were so many competitors in the market and the big sharks in the industry already had a tremendous market hold. How to place Siti Cinema in that competitive market was our initialconcern. As one of the leading providers of digital marketing services in Kolkata, Digital Googlystarted with a target audience research and focusing on their most spent social media platform, YouTube.


      2. Planning & execution – Next was the content type and thorough planning of the content strategy. The right PR engagement was pivotal for successful video marketing. From exclusive interviews to movie clips; from celebrity lifestyle news to audience engagement with game shows, Siti Cinema had to nail it with their content. Digital Googly kept no stone unturned to reach the audience, using their experience as the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

Hurdles Crossed

The initial period was like a honeymoon as the strong content made the race to ace subscribers easier than its competitors.

But with time, there was stagnancy in the engagement and in the number of subscribers. On the other hand, the competitors were found to go viral with their content. Be it Tolly Time or Cine Gossip or Star Golpo, were found to overpower Siti Cinema due to their consistency in producing new content.

Then, Digital Googly had to barge in with their strategy revamp and expert digital marketing services in Kolkata and beyond. New brainstorming and content planning was done not just to pull-inthe audience, but also to keep them engaged for a longer span. Social media needs a hula boonow and then; so, how to keep the attention-seeking soul always stay involved! That was the toughest nut to crack. Thinking like the top digital marketing companies in Kolkata, Digital Googly had to think out of the box with their approach towards user engagement and plan content that was not just trending but was beyond the usual. From ‘what’s in your phone’ to something as personal as ‘an entire day with your celebrity’ diversified content kept the subscriber meter running high.


Success Story like a fairytale

The change in approach made the audience get attracted to the channel like a magnet to an iron object. Oh yes, not to forget the efforts it took for the Digital Googly team to make it happen. But it wasn’t an overnight journey. Siti Cinema tasted success on the digital platform with a groping 1.3 million eyeballs and counting while the competitors are based at 900k maximum.

Today, standing on a podium, Siti Cinema is one of the leading names in the Bengali Tollywood film industry. The journey was not just a success for the brand but it was a parameter to measure the quality of great social media marketing done by Digital Googly. This has marked the pathway of success for Digital Googly as the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

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