Every day you come across hundreds of different websites while working but do you check their URLs?  Well, if you do, you will see some of that start with “http:/” while the others have https://.

Have you ever wondered about the difference?  Where does that extra “S” come from? and why is it here?

Simply put, the extra “s” defines the fact that you are using a secured website. Any data you are entering on that website is in safe hands.  The technology behind the single “s” is SSL (Secured Sockets Layer).

So let’s talk about why SSL matters.

What Is SSL And How Does It Work?

When you are looking for the hardcore definition, let’s put in this way – “SSL- is a standard security technology that helps to establish an encrypted link between a browser and a web server.  The link makes it sure that all the data passed between the browser and the web server remains private.”

Here Is An Easy Breakdown For You To Understand Better:

When you are landing on an unsecured page and fill up a form and click on ‘submit’, a hacker can easily collect all your information. Do you understand the seriousness of this matter? This information can be anything from your bank details, your personal information, or any other private things.

How Does A Server Get Attacked?

Well, you must have been hearing lots of hacker’s story but you are not sure how does it happen. As per the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, one of the most common ways an attack happens is this- “A hacker places an undetected, small listing program on the server which is hosting the website you are visiting. The program waits in the background until you start typing your information on the website; it captures all the things and sends it back to the hacker. Simple.

But scary right?

When you are visiting a website that is encrypted with SSL you are free from all the risks. SSL binds your browser and server and the connection is secured to ensure that none other than you and the website can access what you are typing. That is why the best website designing agency in Kolkata never misses the importance of SSL certification.

SSL Makes An Instant Connection

This connection happens quite instantly.  In fact, the process is faster than browsing an unsecured website. Just simply visit a website with SSL and you are in the safe hands.

How Can You Get An SSL Certificate For Your Website?

The first step is to determine what kind of certificate you need. It will completely depend upon the type of your website. SSL certificates largely vary on the basis of your website’s theme, configuration and content. Contact the best website development company in Kolkata to understand it in a better way.