In this dynamic world, change is the only thing that appears constant and web design is not far from feeling this change. Trends which were supposed to be ‘in’ last year are out of fashion this year. These changes create the need for constant evolution of your website. The worst thing that can happen for your visitors is to feel disgusted with your outdated website and switch to your rival company.  The way out here is to modify your website according to the changing trends so that you can always get an updated outlook for your platform. A good website development company is the one which incorporates the lessons learned from the past mistakes and errors over time.

  1. Inefficient navigation

A badly structured navigation plays a significant role in reducing your site page views. Despite having a well devised navigation standard in place, a number of web designers are not in habit to work according to them and create a confused state for the visitors. Designers must remember that people come to your website for more clarity and genuine information and a poor navigation is a big no-no from them.

Solution– Don’t waste your time in reinventing the wheel. There are certain universally accepted standards and your visitor’s mind is tuned according to them. Any unnecessary will leave them confused and clueless. Always prefer the well set standards while designing your navigation.

  1. Unplanned content

The good old saying that “content is king” stands even today. It is the soul of any website and you have to be very cautious while preparing the content. Your content must be rich in information with a proper structure. Without a proper structure, even your best content will lose out on its value. The reasons for poor content can be many from unplanned content flow to mismanaged content growth that multiplies over time.

Solution– You have to design your content as per the typical goals of your website. For example, if you are designing your landing page that focuses on capturing emails, then your design must have a neat visual hierarchy prompting visitors to click on your CTA button.

  1. Think before including splash pages

While there are websites that require splash pages but in most other cases it is absolutely unnecessary. These pages do not provide a cool look to your website and may irk your visitors with unnecessary daunting interactions. Your web page visitors just don’t need them.

Solution– Make sure if your website requires splash pages and try to avoid them to make your website more simple.

  1. Excess of auto-play items

Auto-play can come handy at times as it renders a dynamic look to any website but too many of them can make your website look clumsy. It is really irritating to see everything playing automatically as you land on a website. Auto-play videos are not welcomed by visitors and it severely turns them off.

Solution– Do not include auto-play videos on your website unless and until there is a dire need for one. Auto-play videos look great on websites that use parallax options but again such websites are few in number.

  1. Unresponsive web design

You cannot expect a website to be fully functional unless it has a responsive web design. Today, nearly 70% of all internet users use their smart phones to access your web page. If your website is not responsive, it will appear incompatible on small screens as it has been exclusively designed for larger screens.

Solution– Make your website mobile responsive. Unresponsive web design can take a heavy toll on number of visitors and eventually, you will end-up losing a large chunk of your daily traffic. Use online available tools to check your website for mobile responsiveness.

  1. Incompatible color schemes

Colors are the thing that catches a visitor’s attention instantly. They are indispensable for any website but only if you use them wisely. Web design with reckless use of colors are huge turn-off for many visitors. Colors not only increase the aesthetics of a platform but lack of proper color scheme reflects a poor taste.

Solution– Spend your time in understanding how colors work. There must be a perfect set of colors that needs to be used throughout your website to provide a seamless experience for your customers. For example, if you have decided to use red for all of your CTA buttons, never use it anywhere else on the website. Each color triggers a different emotion inside the visitor. Use only those colors that sync well with your particular theme.

  1. Inconsistent icons and reference images

This is another common mistake that many web designing companies do and this has the potential to break your website. Out of context icons and reference images can work the other way and drive your visitors away.

Solution– Make decisions on which icon to use for what purpose beforehand. For example, if you are using magnifying glass icon for “zoom” action, make sure that you use the same icon throughout your website. Using different icons for the same action is just a big no-no.

  1. Too tall website

Scrolling is a good way to discover various things on your website but indefinite scrolling, as is the case with too tall websites- account foe poor visitor experience. It feels like a never-ending stuff and starts irritating the visitor after sometime.

Solution– It is important put most of your content in deeper pages and keep the home-page as simple as possible. This provides a smarter look for your website and also provides more fluid journey for the users. Lengthy scrolls put the visitor at the risk of bouncing off from the content.

  1. Don’t give out everything at once

If your website is aiming at providing everything at once to the user, it can lead to poor user experience and a clumsy website.

Solution–  Leave scope for your user to explore. Do not try to overwhelm your visitor by fitting each “special” element over the fold. Prepare your content strategically and highlight only those features that are most important defining aspects of your business.

These are some of the web design mistakes that website development companies in Kolkata do on a more regular basis. You can avoid them to get a fully functional and optimized website which can drive more traffic and make it easier for user to go through your website.