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What is Bounce Rate?

Sometimes visitors leave a website from the landing page without surfing anymore. The number of visits in which this happens is called the bounce rate. In other words, the percentage of site visitors who leave after only seeing a single page after coming to your website is meant by it. The fact that site appearance pages aren’t related to your visitors is indicated by high bounce rate. As this is a measure of whether people are interested in your content, whether your website is accurately optimized and how people interact with your site, it is very important.

Why is it important to reduce bounce rate?

There is a greater chance of conversion if you reduce the bounce rate on website pages that have the highest volume of traffic from your highest converting page. The following are 6 ways to reduce bounce rate on your website that helps in the boost of your conversion rate:

1. Improve Your Website Design

An important factor is your website design. In the eyes of prospective target visitors, your design and content need to look attractive. On sites that look terrible and are difficult to navigate, people don’t spend time. You can invest in a beautiful design if you want to go for CMS software such as WordPress having thousands of premium themes. An efficient Website Design company should be assigned this job. It has been found that simple websites are more appealing than the visually complex ones.


2. Optimize for the Right Keywords

Users are offered with pages most likely to deliver the answer when they enter any keyword in Google search query. Always check that the title tag and meta description of a page perfectly exemplifies its content before you publish a page so that there is less tendency in your visitors to bounce. This can be effectively implemented by an SEO service provider.

3. Optimize Page Load Speed Time

The page load speed time is one of the major factors for high bounce rate. It is also seen that if a page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, 53% of visitors will abandon it. Your bounce rate will be high if your web page loading time is low. Prospective clients may lose interest to buy from you and your business may be destroyed due to slow sites. The time spent by your user on the website will increase if your page load time decreases. There are many steps in which a website design agency can improve your website design.

4. Keep Your Blog Fresh with Up-to-Date Content

You will always get the best return on investment (ROI) if your blog is kept fresh with up-to-date content. Of all page types, blog content usually has the highest bounce rate. A drive is slowly created and trust is established by adding fresh and unique content. For this, you have to rely on a company providing digital marketing service. Your conversion rate will also increase if the repeat visitors begin to surpass new visitors. As you have already created a level of trust with the repeat visitors, you can generate more and more ROI from them.

5. Internal Linking

Your bounce rate can also decrease because of internal linking, which is a good SEO practice to increase your search ranking. It can make the users click through to another page of your site by creating user interest. Your bounce rate will also reduce if there is a lot of internal linking in your content. A company providing SEO services can deal with this in an effective manner.

6. Avoid Popups

It has been seen that unrelated popups are found annoying by a lot of users. Whether you should use popups or not is always a controversial matter. It has been found that conversions and sign-ups to your email lists have significantly increased because of popups on some sites. Some popups will convert visitors into readers, which improves conversion rates and they are well aimed and designed.