Website for any business is a window for its customers. Statements by some of the top web designing companies in Kolkata, almost 75% of people form their opinion based on the website of the company.

Naturally, poor outdated websites can affect the sales rate negatively. A properly designed website that is both appealing and functional will fetch more web traffic.

When should you consider website redesigning for your company?

We understand that redesigning an entire website can be an investment. However, when weighed against the benefits, the investment is quite modest.

Some of the reasons to know that your website needs revamping are:

  • Facing complaints from the users about their UX experience
  • Having a diminishing conversion rate
  • Looking to rebrand your business
  • Having a low web traffic
  • The aesthetic in general looks outdated

What are the factors to consider while redesigning your website?

One of the most reputed web designing companies in Kolkata cites that some factors should be considered while redesigning a website to get the best results.

Analyzing your website

Reviewing the current website will give you a comprehensive understanding of things like what is working, what isn’t relevant anymore, what should be added, and so on.

Look for the functionalities they provide and how much value are they generating for your current business.

Understanding the market and audience

The market has changed a lot since the Covid19 pandemic, therefore understanding what is working in today’s market is highly crucial. Another important aspect to consider is the audience that your business serves.

Ultimately the website is for your audience, so consider things like- preferences, browsing style, buying patterns, etc. For instance, an interior decoration agency will have a very different design aesthetic than a website for legal services.

Updating irrelevant content

A fresh approach means that everything should be aligned with the new design. Review your content bank and update the irrelevant ones. Outdated blogs should be rewritten or deleted entirely.

Website content should be relevant to the newer goals of the company.

Checking mobile responsiveness and UX

Since 2016, mobile browsing has surpassed computer browsing. So making your website mobile responsive should be the primary goal.

A user-friendly website will also help to increase web traffic.

Adding strong visual elements and catchy CTAs

It is scientifically proven that people respond to visual images, graphics and videos more than plain texts. Personalize your website with custom images, real-time videos, and using quirky CTA buttons. Opt for colors, fonts, and images that your brand.

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