Has it ever happened to you? You were shopping online, and you came across a smartphone with all the features you were looking for. You very nearly buy it, but you get distracted by a work email, failing to complete the purchase.

The next day, without any recollection of your buying intent the other day, you scroll through a site to read an article, and there it is! The smartphone.

This time, you complete the purchase. This ad is an example of remarketing, where businesses advertise to people who have engaged with them in the past — and it can be a huge asset for your company.

Imagine if the company did not invest in remarketing their smartphone. They would have lost a potential customer.

Think about how many potential customers you lose daily and the amount of money you leave on the table. What if you could capture all these potentials? How much of an impact would it have on your yearly sales revenue?

According to our PPC experts at Digital Googly, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, remarketing is your best bet if you want to make the most out of your PPC campaign.

Want to know some more benefits of remarketing? We got five.

#1. Remarketing keeps you at the surface

Online marketing is easy. It is easy for marketers to place an ad, and it is easier for prospects to ignore them. The sheer amount of content online makes it too easy for people to get distracted.

They may be scrolling through a page on your site one moment, then move on to another site, or be distracted by a pop-up notification the next. This is where remarketing comes in handy.

According to the digital marketing executives of Digital Googly, a PPC company in Kolkata, you can use remarketing to remind people about your brand. Perhaps someone got interested in your products or services at one point but then promptly forgot about you. When they see your ad again, they are reminded of you and return to your website to browse.

#2. Remarketing helps you reach relevant prospects

Effective marketing is all about reaching the right audience. Your marketing efforts will be in vain if your target audience isn’t interested in what you’re selling.

There is almost no audience more relevant to your business than one comprised of people who have already expressed their interest in your products or services.

The people who have already visited your site will be the most receptive to your ads if you’re trying to reach out to them. As a result, remarketing is an excellent strategy for reaching the ideal demographic, says the digital marketing agency in Kolkata.

#3. Remarketing is always on time

One of the best aspects of retargeting is that it has perfect timing. Other forms of marketing that involve targeting ads to a specific demographic make it challenging to know whether the people you’re reaching need your product or service at that moment. However, this is not the case with remarketing.

At Digital Googly, a PPC company in Kolkata, we use remarketing techniques to target prospects who recently searched or visited our clients’ websites.

Remarketing gives us better results because we advertise to the audience at the right time — right when they’re most interested.

#4. Remarketing reduces cart abandonment

One of the most beneficial aspects of remarketing is that it significantly reduces cart abandonment.

Cart abandonment occurs when users add items to their cart but become distracted or leave the cart empty. It is a common reason for online businesses’ conversion rates to drop.

Retargeting these users by sending cart abandonment to remind them to finish their purchase is an excellent way to address the issue.

We have several eCommerce clients for whom we implemented this retargeting technique. It resulted in a more than 30% increase in recovered revenue per email sent.

#5 High ROAS

Here we end with the final and the best benefit of remarketing – high return on ad spends (ROAS). The term “ROAS” refers to the amount of profit you make from your marketing efforts — the amount of money you get back in relation to the amount you spend on an ad campaign.

Remarketing limits the loss of potential customers; therefore, it will help you bag in a substantial ROI.

Ready to get your remarketing campaign off the ground? Digital Googly is here for you.

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