So, if you are doing anything in the digital marketing sphere, you must consider putting a bit of extra time to learn the wonders of online branding. Choosing us, the top digital marketing company in Kolkata, will help you to go a long way towards marketing your product and service.

(think) About Us

We, at Digital Googly, work as creative and passion-driven people who are dedicated to create cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. We know how to get it all done. Feel free to call us for all your digital marketing queries.

How we do it? 

  •  We Create A Realistic Framework:

Before anything, you need a full-fledged plan to fulfill your branding goals. Leave the entire burden on us. We have multiple departments constantly dealing with a pile of work for your marketing needs. For instance, we have a full team of creative guys who spend hours developing eye-catchy content. In the first place, we focus on setting-up realistic goals for your target audience.

  • Identifying Appropriate KPIs:

We stand out as a unique digital marketing agency in Kolkata when it comes to setting up our clients’ branding goals. Furthermore,  find out the right metrics to focus on in order to get the best end results. Choosing the right KPIs help us to understand which of the marketing actions actually work and what needs improvement.

  •  We Know How To Create An Effective Funnel: 

Here is a step-by-step sales funnel’s outline that we create for each phase of our clients’ journey. Let us break down our work process for you.

  1. Outreach:

We use landing pages, Facebook ads, exclusive video content, and content marketing for reaching our customers.

  1. Conversion:

Conversion comes from informational blog posts, social media, quizzes, and case studies.

  1. Closing:

We close the deals with the help of phone calls, email series, questionnaires, and client meetings. As a result, we have all the tracks of every deal and transaction.

  1. Retention:

We provide our clients with quality service, exclusive offers and client retention is not a problem anymore.

The secret to our success is that we know what it takes to bring customers through every phase of the funnel.

  • We Plan Strategically But Flexibly:  

Whatever our overall plan is, we make sure to leave some room for flexibility. Simply put, we leave some free space on our timeline to fill in as time passes. In addition, we also leave some room to incorporate things like current events, ongoing marketing traits and so on.

To conclude, our idea here is not to bore our audience with repetitive or plagiarized content. Contact our social media marketing experts and get some fabulous work done.