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Competition to get sales and exposure increases as the e-commerce industry continues to grow at a steady average rate of about 10 percent each year. This is where the necessity of link building is. An effective way to gain more exposure and traffic to a website is link building. More sales and return customers can be achieved by building links for e-commerce websites. The following are 4 effective strategies for e-commerce link building:

1. Influencer Outreach

An easy way to get links is to run an influencer program where bloggers and other online influencers can share reviews and information about your product. You must hire a professional company like Digital Googly, which provides SEO services in Kolkata, to do this. Influencer outreach is an art and science all its own. It mainly deals with identifying your target audience, finding influencers and bloggers having the same audience, crafting an outreach email or message to send to each influencer, working with influencers accepting a campaign, ensuring that FTC guidelines for disclosure are followed at all times and tracking social shares, posts and links about your product to measure success.

Identify your tracking metrics and goals to evaluate the success of your influencer campaigns. Say, for example, to achieve a certain number of sales, you could aim for each blogger’s review post about a product of yours. It should be made sure that you have specific goals. SMART method is followed by several marketers, where goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Success or failure can be better identified by having a clear goal. More buzz about your products can be created by working with bloggers and social media. This will lead to more online reviews. You can get links in this way also. Many companies do social media marketing in Kolkata.


2. Editorial and User-Generated Review Sites

On search engines, review sites usually perform great and can lead to more links and exposure for your e-commerce website. Content reviews and user-generated content review sites are two types of review sites. Brand trust can be increased by different impartial sites. To get listed on review sites, you must set up a strategy. At first, think which editorial contents and user-generated review sites and make a list of them. Then check whether your company and products are already listed. Make sure to claim a profile for your company, if it is available. Identify the process of pitching to each outlet for editorial written reviews. According to FTC guidelines, proper disclosure should be in place. You should double check it. As reviews become available, share them on social media and your own website.
There should be impartiality and honesty in each review. If bad reviews are true, don’t try to hide or delete them. Instead, show your willingness to fix the situation by publicly commenting on the review. In addition to that, you can use a link tool to find external links pointing to their websites whenever you find reviews of competitor products that are no longer available. Then you recommend one of your products as a suitable replacement by reaching out to those sites. A great way to get more of your product links in front of your target audience is by working with other websites, especially if they sell related products.

3. Partnerships

Consider creating cross-promotional partnerships with other retailers in your industry that aren’t in direct competition with what you sell. Suppose there is a chain of gyms and you sell protein bars. They offer special discounts and offers for related but not competing products throughout their website and their online store. So, you can try to make a partnership with that company to sell your products through their websites if they are interested in selling your products to their clients.

4. Related Internal Links

Your internal link building efforts should not be ignored though external link building through building relationships with partners, customers and influencers, is associated with most of the above strategies. Internal link building is done by many companies that provide SEO services in Kolkata for their clients. For automatic display of products related to the one the user is currently on, try installing a plugin or developing a solution that helps to do this. Average purchase rate and time spent on the website can be increased by adding a related products widget box on your e-commerce pages as customers consider other items. Using Google Analytics data you can also see what products are purchased frequently together. This lets you know what to recommend. In addition, you can link to mention products or additional content that may convince them to make a purchase if you have content or blog on your e-commerce website.