There is a continuous growth in the e-commerce industry every year. With this, the competition to get sales and exposure also increases. Link building is necessary as it is an effective way to gain more exposure and traffic to a website. Building links for e-commerce websites results in achieving more sales and return customers. For e-commerce link building, the following 4 strategies prove effective:

  1. Influencer Outreach

You can run an influencer program where bloggers and other online influencers can share reviews and information about your product if you want to get links easily. A professional company like Digital Googly providing SEO services in Kolkata can be hired to do this. There are a number of things it deals with. They include identifying your target audience, finding influencers and bloggers having the same audience, crafting an outreach email or message to send to each influencer and other activities. For evaluating the success of your influencer campaigns, you should identify your tracking metrics and goals. You have to work with bloggers and social media to create more buzz about your products, which lead to more online reviews and also to get links. You can take the help of the companies who do social media marketing in Kolkata.

  1. Editorial and User-Generated Review Sites

The performance of review sites on search engines is usually great and can fetch more links and exposure for your e-commerce website. There are two types of review sites, namely content reviews and user-generated content review sites. There can be an increase in brand trust by different impartial sites. A proper strategy is needed to get listed on review sites. As reviews become available, share them on social media and your own website. Each review should be impartial and honest.

  1. Partnerships

If any other retailers in the same industry as you are but do not compete within what you sell, you can consider creating cross-promotional partnerships with them.

  1. Related Internal Links

You should not neglect your internal link building efforts, although external link building through building relationships with partners, customers and influencers, is involved in most of the above strategies. The companies that provide SEO services provide internal link building service for their clients. A plug-in can be installed or a solution can be developed for automatic display of products related to the user’s preference.  In order to know which products are purchased frequently together, you can use Google Analytics data.