Today, not having a website for your business means you are losing out on your competitors who have a strong online presence. People often look up to your website to know more about or business or products. Other than this, you are letting go an awesome opportunity to expand your brand name. A good business website gives your business the much needed global exposure. There are literally thousands of web development company in Kolkata that can prepare an effective website as per your business needs.

Here, we are listing ten most important reasons as to why you immediately need your own business website.

  1. It’s the first go-to thing for people

If people come to know about your business or service, the first thing they do is to check your online presence. Your website will be the go-to thing for them to get a feel for your business. Also, it will serve as a platform to meet your potential customers and know what they have to say about your products and services.

  1. It showcases the true personality of your brand

It is good that you have maintained your presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others but they allow you to infuse only limited information into your profile pages. On the other hand, a website is completely yours. From choosing the perfect design to creating the most useful content, you can customize the way you want. You can build the personality of your website as per your needs.

  1. Website proves your legitimacy

People come to know about your business from a number of sources. Out of what they hear about you or your business, they make their mind whether to continue with you or look for other alternatives. A good website has the potential to change someone’s perception about you and what you do. It’s one of the best business moves that you’ll ever make. Go for professional web design company in Kolkata to get a credible and easily accessible website made for you.

  1. It helps people determine your potential

People who have the power to influence your business will look to your website and make their view on the quality of your product, your seriousness, and your potential. They will judge based on your website whether to pass on certain opportunities to you or ignore you.

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  1. It provides all your information at one place

Your YouTube channel can contain all the videos related to your business, Twitter can help you express your thoughts in 140 characters while Facebook will help you in getting great fan engagement. A website gives you the benefit of three in one place.

  1. They bring better prospects

A good website introduces you to people who have some knowledge about who you are and what you do. It helps you get the opinion from people who have the potential to move your business. They are the ones who have used your product and post online reviews about them which in turn drive others to go for your product.

  1. Not all your potential customers are on Facebook

There are still many people who are not present on Facebook or other social media websites, but make use of internet in different ways. Now, since they don’t exist on social media platforms, there is no way you can engage with them on such sites. Having your own website provides you an identity of your own. People can directly come to your web-site without the need of logging into social media platforms.

  1. It provides the sharp difference between a career and a hobby

With your own business, you are having the very proof that you’re walking your talk. If you tell other people about how important a strong online presence is in today’s world, not having a website immediately cancels all your talking.

  1. You are own boss

Present day’s social media platforms have rigorous policies in place to put restrictions on how freely you can engage with your followers. This sometimes makes things difficult because it gets hard for you to engage in the way you’d like to. This problem can be avoided if you have your own website.

  1. It proves that you are serious

Nobody likes to engage with people who are not serious about their work. While we are strongly against the follow culture i.e. do what others are doing, not having a website sends message among others that you just don’t care what they need or what they have to say.