When we think about improving reach with Facebook, the obvious answer that comes to our mind is to devote more time and money on paid Facebook ads. Does that mean organic reach on Facebook is completely obsolete? 


Well, according to the best social media marketing agencies in Kolkata, there is still some hope for your organic posts. You can still embrace the algorithm, reach a wider audience and make Facebook an effective distribution network for your organic content. 


How? Here are some tips that the top social media marketers are using to improve their Facebook organic reach. 


What is Facebook organic reach? (Social media marketing agency explains )


Organic reach is the number of people who saw your post, which was not boosted with paid ads. The post might be shown on their news feed or because their mutual friends have commented, reacted, or shared your post. 


Social media marketing agency’s tips to boost Facebook organic reach


Mix up Post Format- says social media marketing agency

One of the best tricks that social media marketing agencies in Kolkata do is to try out different types of posts. For instance, you have been posting only product images for some time and notice that your reach is falling off lately. It’s time to change your post strategy. Start posting exclusive videos or carousels. People love exploring new things and your post must be able to hook their interest. 


Go live – the best way to connect with your audience

Live videos build a genuine sense of community in the comment section. Most people watching you share the same pain or experience and can easily relate to the content you are live for. Hence, creating a common touch point to connect with each other. 


Upload stunning images and videos

Social media marketing agency claims that according to a survey, over 60% of marketers agree that visual content is essential for their social media strategy. Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement compared to those without images. Plus, posts that get more engagement get elevated in the user news feed, netting them more reach. 


Find the best posting time

When you post on Facebook is another factor that affects your Facebook organic reach. Let’s take an example. Say you post an amazing article at 4 am when your target audience is asleep. By the time they wake up, your post will be lost at the bottom of their News feed. Social media marketing agencies suggest you use your Facebook analytics to post your content when the majority of your audience is online to gain instant reach. 


Here is a bonus tip. Never beg or bait your audience for engagement. Instead, you must focus on inspiring your followers to react by making your audience feel something. Your post should connect or trigger a positive emotion among your audience. The top five emotions that are associated with viral contents include curiosity, astonishment, uncertainty, and interest. Encash these emotions to connect to your audience in a more personal way.