Web design company in kolkata


Your website is the face of your company. 

So, while the website development cost can take up a significant chunk of your budget, this isn’t where you should cut corners. 

The money you invest will eventually pay for itself many times over, but only if the website you create answers visitors’ questions, loads quickly is easy to navigate and stand out from the competition.

But, money matters, and it’s natural to wonder what factors influence the service cost of hiring an agency.

So, here are five factors that determine the cost of hiring a web design and development company in Kolkata 



Regardless of which development platform you use, many ready-to-use templates are available. 

Using such templates reduces the time it takes to develop a website and the cost of designing it. However, there are a few drawbacks.

To begin with, if you use an openly available template, you risk having a generic-looking website that blends in with the crowd and fails to stand out. 

In addition, future customizations become difficult with pre-made templates, and you might find it challenging to incorporate your brand’s unique image into a template.

When using completely custom design services, this issue does not arise, says the lead web designer of Digital Googly, a web design and development company in Kolkata

When your website is built from the ground up, the developers can ensure that it accurately reflects your brand and its unique selling points. 

This will ensure that your website and its user interface (UI) are distinct and stand out for your audience to notice. However, customized designs raise the cost of web development.

Number of Pages

A website can have as few as one page or as many as 100. Each product or service on an e-commerce website will almost always require its own page. As the number of pages on your website grows, the cost of developing it grows as well. 

After the structure has been defined, the texts and graphics will need to be integrated into the website. 

This takes time and effort, and it frequently necessitates expertise to manipulate web pages and images to optimize them. 

While it is possible to automate the image optimization process using a CMS (Content Management System), doing so manually will always yield the best results, says one of the best web development companies in Kolkata

It will ensure that pages are visually appealing and load quickly. This is also specialized work, and the cost will be determined by the amount of work completed.



This includes your website’s technical components, such as photo galleries, message boards, and forms. The more functionality you want for your website, the more expensive it will be.

Cost of Plugins

Almost any functionality you can imagine is likely already available as plugins in open-source CMS platforms like WordPress.

While they are frequently free, the full range of their capabilities is sometimes locked behind paywalls. Or, the best plugins available for certain functionality may not have a free version. 

Using such plugins and leveraging all of their capabilities will undoubtedly cause a rise in the service cost of a web development company in Kolkata.


Other Interactive Functionalities

You may occasionally require functionalities that must be created from scratch. 

Perhaps you want a specific thing to happen when a user interacts with a particular part of your website, or maybe you want to create a specific database for your site, but you can’t find any plugins that do it. 

In such cases, the developers must write their own code to implement the functionalities. This takes time and skill and can significantly impact your website’s price.