How to generate quality leads using SEO?

Lead generation and SEO are two of the most crucial aspects of developing an efficient marketing strategy for your company's growth. Lead generation involves building interest in your company to attract, nurture, and eventually convert [...]

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Digital Marketing Agency Explains Benefits of Customer Feedback

Negative customer feedback may be hard to digest because who wants to hear that their efforts are not up to par, so some of you may be writing it off. On the flip side, positive [...]

Benefits of Fast Ecommerce Site: Web Development Company Explains

Ecommerce success is dependent on the site speed. It has an immediate impact on your conversion rates, repeat business, and search engine rankings. In this post, Digital Googly, a web development company in Kolkata, explains the [...]

Fashion Web Design & Development Tips for Ecommerce Sales

Fashion is all about appearance, extravagance, and the ability to stand out from the crowd. The fashion industry is highly visual. Before making a purchase decision, customers are initially interested in the appearance of your [...]

Why Choose A Local Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business?

You know, you'll need a digital marketing firm to help you generate leads, attract customers, manage your social media, and the other digital necessities to boost your brand. However, you cannot decide whether to hire [...]

5 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Display Ads and Get Results

You recall what you see more than what you read. And if what you see is engaging, relevant, and of high quality, you cannot help but remember it longer and maybe even take some action [...]

Why Your Brand Should Focus on Social Media Communities?

Businesses must have a strong marketing presence. However, amidst the chaos of meeting the objectives of generating leads and sales, we can lose sight of what it all comes down to - building valuable relationships [...]

Digital Marketing Company’s Tips to Boost Your Salon

There are hundreds of salons spread all across Kolkata. Hence, if you are a salon owner, you need to adopt digital marketing strategies to be visible and stand out from your competition. Here are four [...]

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