Company Overview

Hearing Plus, owned by Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt Ltd, is India’s best hearing aid centre. They are dedicated to assisting the hearing and speech impaired community with high-quality rehabilitative services at an affordable cost.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Digital Googly, the company employed a team of freelancers to do their marketing. However, their investment and efforts were going to waste with not many leads and sales to show for it.

“With the goal of affordable hearing aid solutions for all, we wanted to generate as many quality leads as possible. So, we decided to invest in a full-service agency” – Priyonath Mukherjee, Director of Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt Ltd.

This is where our digital marketing company in Kolkata, came on board.


The Solution

We planned a 30-day PPC campaign. Here are the steps that we took –

  • We began our campaign preparation with competitor research and analysis to determine the keywords they were bidding on, the ad text they were using (offers, credibility statements, and CTAs), and the type of landing page they were sending traffic to.
  • Following our competitor analysis, we concentrated on keyword research. Using Google Keyword Planner, we compiled a list of relevant keywords that the target audience frequently uses.
  • After compiling the list, we created the ad copy based on the target audience’s search intent.
  • Our web designers and developers tweaked the existing landing page to make it visually appealing.
  • Following that, the digital marketing head of our digital marketing agency in Kolkata, configured the Google Ads account to track progress in each conversion funnel stage, from lead generation to sales.
  • After publishing the ad, we closely tracked the entire conversion process to further analyze and optimize the ad campaign for the best results.


Hearingplus PPC Results

The Results

Hearing Plus’s PPC campaign was a success. In just one month of implementing our strategy, the company witnessed a 42% increase in conversion rate and a 62% increase in their sales of digital and invisible hearing aids.

Our PPC company in Kolkata achieved a 70 per cent decrease in CPC and a 59% decrease in CPA. CPA is the average cost per action. It is calculated by dividing the total cost of conversions by the total number of conversions.

In short, our well-researched and strategized 30-day PPC campaign increased Hearing Plus’s sales and profit with minimal ad spend.

“We were really happy with Digital Googly’s performance, so much so, that we decided to increase our digital marketing investment by 5 times and happy to say that as of now, our growth is going strong” – Somnath Mukherjee, owner of Bengal Speech and Hearing Pvt Ltd.

The example of the PPC campaign success story is one among many that we cherish in our office. Want to increase your sales with less ad spend and tell your success story? Contact Digital Googly’s PPC experts today!