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Conversations drive humanity, so it’s only normal that it also drives the best of marketing.

Here’s an interesting anecdote from the content marketer of our digital marketing agency in Kolkata, India –

“Imagine, you walk into a store looking to buy yourself a nice pair of shoes. Instead of getting greeted by a human, you’re welcomed by a robot – with a bland tone of voice and generic pre-recorded replies that incessantly tries to promote their shoes.


How long would you stick around? Not long, I suppose.

But what if you get greeted by a smiling gentleman. Someone who knows how to hold a conversation, listen to your needs, reply accordingly, and is not looking to blatantly sell their product but is genuinely willing to help you solve your problem.

There is a higher chance that you’ll be buying the shoe, and this is the power of communicating in a conversational tone.”

In this post, Digital Googly, a digital marketing company in Kolkata, India, explains conversational tone and why you should use it in your marketing messages.


What is the Conversational Tone of Writing?

A conversational tone is a casual writing style. The word choice, sentence structure, and other elements create the impression that a human being (rather than a robot) is conversing (rather than delivering a pre-recorded speech) with the reader.

Its purpose is to make the reader feel closer to the author.

However, remember, conversational writing isn’t disrespectful, unprofessional, or careless, says the content manager of our SEO agency in Kolkata, India


Why Use a Conversational Tone? 

Simple answer – because it is the natural way of talking to someone. Here’s the elaborated version –


  • Connect with your audience – Conversational tone has more personality, allowing you to humanize your company and make yourself relatable.
  • Make your content memorable – Informal writing is more direct and flowing, making it easier for your readers to understand—and remember the information.
  • It’s all-encompassing – Using simple language enables everyone to understand and benefit from your content.
  • It is beneficial to SEO – According to one of the best SEO companies in Kolkata, India, conversational writing employs the words and phrases (keywords) that your target audience uses. The more you use their language in your content, the more likely it appears in search results.


Get Your Conversational Tone Straight

Check if any of your copy could benefit from a conversational makeover, whether it’s an ad, landing page, homepage, social post, or anything else.

You can always compare one version to the other in an A/B test.

Here’s the bottom line – don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow the reins to loosen a little and see what comes to mind!