digital marketing agency in Kolkata

You might have kept your digital marketing workings internal when you first started your business.


Most businesses choose to keep things internal in the initial stages; however, when a company grows in scale, some aspects of digital marketing like PPC are best left to specialized experts.


But how do you know if it’s time for you to hire an expert? What are the signs that you need to hire a digital marketing agency in Kolkata specializing in Google Ad campaign management?


According to our digital marketing manager here at Digital Googly, here are the indicators that you should look out for –


You Do Not Have Specialists on Your Team


Each member of your marketing team may have a general understanding of the effectiveness of Google Ad campaigns. However, without the guidance of a PPC expert, there will be a lot of trial and error, costing you time and money without any results.


A successful PPC campaign requires more than just setting up an account and bidding on keywords. A PPC company in Kolkata can assist with several tasks, such as:

  • Creating an account
  • Searching for relevant keywords
  • Bidding on keywords
  • Creating ads
  • Copywriting
  • Making a landing page
  • Testing the ads
  • Optimizing the ads to boost conversions


You Don’t Have Much Time for PPC


Maybe you’re good at PPC, however, lack the time necessary to set up a high-performing campaign.


Even managing a single Google ad campaign takes time and effort – you need to find the right keywords, bid on them, create custom landing pages, and craft ad copies that resonate. 


Then, for the ad to be effective, you’ll require to regularly monitor, tweak, and optimize your efforts.


Plus, with each new keyword, you add to the equation, the amount of attention a PPC campaign requires grows exponentially.


You may eventually reach a point where Google ad management consumes too much of your limited time. 


If that’s the case, it’ll be better to invest in PPC services in Kolkata. It will enable you to focus your efforts on your core business functions.


Your Investment Isn’t Generating Much of a Return


While each PPC campaign is unique to the company, a few key metrics indicate that you require assistance. These are:


  • The quality score (QS) of your ads is below average – The QS is a Google Ads metric that assesses the quality and relevance of your ads. A low score indicates that your ad copy and keyword bids were not up to standard.
  • Too many or too few clicks – Too many clicks or too few clicks are usually indicators that something is fundamentally wrong with your ad. Too many clicks typically indicate that the ad isn’t narrowly targeted enough. And too few clicks suggest that it is irrelevant.
  • Poor conversion rates – Remember, the goal is to convert, not get clicks. If your profits are dropping or you’re getting clicks that aren’t converting, you should review your strategy and make changes.
  • Reduced Return on Investment (ROI) – Your ROI should ideally increase over time as you optimize your campaign. If the opposite occurs, PPC managers of a digital marketing company in Kolkata can examine your data and strategies to determine where your campaign is failing.