Negative customer feedback may be hard to digest because who wants to hear that their efforts are not up to par, so some of you may be writing it off.

On the flip side, positive feedback is music to ears because who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves – which is why some of you might be highlighting them more.

However, some don’t heed any kind of customer feedback, which is a shame for your marketing efforts.

If you are letting such an opportunity slide, you need to fasten your seat belts and read ahead because you’re in for a great ride.

In this post, Digital Googly, a digital marketing agency in Kolkata, explains why you must include customer feedback into your marketing strategy and wait for it…… FOUR ways to help you do so.


Why You Must Include Customer Feedback in Your Marketing Strategy

Helps identify customer preference

Customer feedback is critical for determining customers’ needs and preferences, especially when you launch new products.

Focus groups, in-person research, and customer phone surveys are examples of customer feedback tools that you can use to determine what product features, flavors, or styles consumers want.


Compare yourself with your competition

According to the digital marketing agency in Kolkata, customer feedback can enable you to better understand how customers perceive your products compared to competitors.

It is critical to determine where your products and services excel or fail to meet market expectations.


Assists you in recognizing market trends

Customer feedback is also helpful in detecting technological trends among customers.

A new competitor in the market, for example, may introduce new and improved technology that could pose a threat to the older technology you might be selling.

If customers express a preference for and purchase this technology, you will have to consider switching.


Digital Marketing Agency’s Four Ways to Include Customer Feedback

  1. Measure your efforts

One of the easy and effective ways to include customer feedback is to measure your customer satisfaction score.

Our digital marketing executives use this technique on behalf of our clients to help them gather customer feedback, analyze the data, and provide insights on how to improve their product or service.

The Customer Satisfaction Score shows how much the customers love what you offer.

It’s a simple survey that asks your client how happy they are with the product or service on a scale from 1 to 10.

NPS or net promoter score is another similar scale of 1 to 10 that you can use to measure how likely a customer is to recommend your product to their friends.

You may have heard it before – “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague?”

If your NPS is high, you’ll need to spend less money on a lead generation because more will come from word-of-mouth marketing.

  1. Get out of your slumber

Before making a purchase, 91% of people read a review online. In other words, if your company gets a lot of negative reviews – which fall on the deaf ears of your customer service personnel – you can say bye-bye to your hope of boosting sales.

According to one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata, there are two options for dealing with this issue – and NO, it doesn’t involve deleting comments.

Both of these methods include you being proactive.

The first method is to encourage your customers to write more reviews – giving your product or service is not so bad that none of your customers find you helpful – gathering more reviews will increase the chances of positive reviews.

Amidst all the positivity, likely, some negative reviews won’t stand out as much.

The other method (arguably more beneficial) is – if you receive a negative review on a platform where you can communicate with the customer, respond to them timely and with empathy.

Don’t comment like you’re ready to battle with your customer, says the best social media marketing company in Kolkata. If the review is genuine, apologize for your mistake and promise to do better in the future.

This will demonstrate to anyone conducting product research that you care about your customers. It’s also an opportunity to turn a potentially risky client into a loyal one.

  1. Use social proof 

People place the same amount of trust in reviews as their friends. Therefore, highlighting social proof of your company’s worth will help boost your credibility and trustworthiness.

It’s probably something you’ve seen on many websites, including ours.

The majority of eCommerce websites now include a testimonials section. It is regarded as one of the best digital marketing practices, as testimonials can boost your conversion rate by as much as 34%.

“But I have included testimonials, and it doesn’t work.”

The issue is that most people aren’t taking advantage of customer reviews to their full potential.

According to the digital marketing executives of our digital marketing company in Kolkata, you must make the reviews more personal to make them work.

Include a photo of the reviewer, their name, and a link to their social media profile, or at the very least an Instagram handle.

This will demonstrate its authenticity and persuade more people to buy.


  1. Gather user reviews for GMB

Every time you make a local query on Google, you see a map with a list of businesses first. Suppose you have a business profile on Google and do not focus on gathering reviews.

In that case, you have little to no chance of ranking for local search queries.

Here at Digital Googly, an SEO company in Kolkata, we had a client suffering from this low-ranking syndrome.

One visit to their GMB page revealed why. Their business on Google hardly had five to six reviews from customers.

We developed a complete strategy to gather customer reviews, and in a few weeks, their GMB page boasted hundreds of reviews, and their local ranking improved significantly.

Therefore, a small step of encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews can significantly impact your SEO efforts.

Print a small card that includes an invitation to leave a review and a QR code that leads to your GMB page. If you own a restaurant, keep it near the counter or at all tables.