Small businesses usually have a set budget, but they want to be at the top of search results. In order to rank your website on any search engine, you need to do proper SEO. Regardless of size, an SEO compatible website is a must-have for business entities. This is especially difficult when money, time and other resources are limited. How to get the best provider of SEO services in Kolkata? Let’s find out below.

A wonderful organic ranking is not a matter of something happening overnight. However, there are a few things that you can focus on and start moving forward to the success path.

The best provider of SEO services in Kolkata optimizes metadata

The title tag and meta description on the back of your website are crucial parts of your website as search engine crawlers recognize your web pages with their help. Therefore, meta tags help to validate you to be a reliable source of information.

The titles and meta descriptions help to convince the search engines that your content is what they are looking for. The top SEO service provider in Kolkata understands the meta tag’s role very well.

Here is what the best provider of SEO services in Kolkata does for you

Tag Title: This is the text that appears as the title of the search result pages. When a user clicks, they find that the title is the same or equivalent to the original page. The best SEO team ensures that the title does not exceed 55 characters.

Meta Description: A meta-description is a summary of your website’s content. It appears in search engine results under the title. The best kind of description consists of 150-160 characters.

H1 Tag: It is usually displayed on web pages with page titles. “Headline 1” is the largest text on the page and most people see that title. A well-skilled content marketer uses only one H1 tag on each page which is a good keyword for all pages. Other small subtypes are in the H2, H3 or H4 group.

Allowing comments on your posts

Allow your readers to comment on your posts and interact with them on the page. This is because it is a good SEO opportunity for exposure. Readers often post information that you may have missed and the visibility of your post is enhanced by conversations, comments and sharing. The more people talk about your contents the more popular your website will become.

Putting quality outbound links in your content:

Google’s search algorithm aims for high quality and low quality. Google’s high-quality content is informative, reliable  and reputable on other websites.

Therefore, it is important to link other sites to your website. There is an opportunity to do so, but many are out of reach. However, you just need to join hands with the best SEO company in Kolkata. The experts know how to include interesting links to the contents of popular websites. This means that your content is informative and open and therefore, it ranks in the highest quality as per Google’s view.